A wonderful reunion

He made the disclosure during an appearance as a guest on an ongoing reality TV show, ‘Celebrity Housemate’, in Lagos on Thursday, January 25.
According to him, Davido’s popularity made the rift “bigger than fighting Abacha”.
He told his audience, “The Davido issue was my biggest battle ever. It was bigger than fighting Abacha because of the blistering popularity of David; he is an extremely popular guy and it was very unfortunate because a baby was involved; very beautiful girl, Imade. When it happened, I tried to avoid a collision with the family because I am very close to the family especially because of Ademola who is now a senator.
“So when the baby issue came, I didn’t know about it, if Sophie (Davido’s first Babymama) didn’t tell me she was pregnant, I wouldn’t have known, she was able to hide it perfectly from everyone.”
“We used to sleep in the same house when I was in exile in London. Whenever Ademola was around, he would call me and then pick me up to his house and I’ll sleep there and when I need to go back to my own house he would drop me
Momodu also mentioned that Davido’s father, Tunji Adeleke, was the one who facilitated the “true reconciliation”.
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