Prince Sunny Ade: In His Father’s Steps

By Yemi Olakitan

Biodun Adeniyi Adegeye, son of King Sunny Ade, born on Christmas day on the 24thof December in Lagos is now set to hit the music waves with his own brand of juju music.  Popularly known as Prince Sunny Ade by his fans, the prince is very active in the live music performances preforming at parties and staging his own shows.
 Many of his father and his own growing fans heavily attended his recent shows at Ikorodu area of Lagos where he is based. According to him, he plays his father’s brand of juju music with a mixture of American styled Rapp music.

‘‘My dad, king Sunny Ade inspires me. When I was growing up, I never knew I could sing or rapp. I fell in love with my father’s guitar playing and his heavy rhythm juju beats. 2pac Amaru Shakur music also has a lot messages and o\so I listened to his music a lot especially when I went to the United States.’’

Speaking further PSA said he wished to be known worldwide with his style of music, which he called, JuHip.  His sojourns to the United States exposed him to a lot of Rapp music. ‘I noticed that Rapp music is more popular in the states than in Nigeria. They are not exposed to the talking drums as we see in Juju and Fuji music back here in Nigeria. That is the advantage I have, I want to infuse both into my style and that is why I called it JuHip. It’s a fusion of Rapp and Juju music,’’

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