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Workout Journal 9

Over the weekend, my circle and I had our Samhain Ritual and graduation for our Seekers.  Well, one Seeker.  She was the only person who stuck with it, despite that so many apparently wanted to connect and learn.  She was the only one who made an effort.  But Akilah and I will still be offering classes.  This second class was affected by life, and interest dropped.  Hopefully the third Seekers class will be fruitful.  Eitherway, I'm glad for the new member to our circle.  She's got awesome energy!

At the end of the ritual, Akilah also gave me a wonderful gift: a red and gold beaded headpiece with gold coins from her belly dancing days.  Very cool and so grateful.  My BD gear is growing!

Colorwise of my gear, I don't think that I'm going to stick with one color scheme, but I can see myself in the darker gothic tribal costumes, but I also want to build a red and orange costume, as well as a blue and pink one.  Maybe purple, we'll see.

Stretch.  Yoga back stretches.

  • 120 Side Crunches (left and right)
  • 60 Crunches
  • 80 Leg Lifts, Floor (left and right)
  • 40 Hip Lifts, Floor
  • 40 Push Ups
  • 60 Arm Circles (left and right)
  • 80 Squats
  • 80 Calf Raises

Belly Dancing (practice these throughout the day as well)
  1. 40 Shoulder Rolls, forwards and backwards
  2. 40 Hip Twists
  3. 40 Hip Lifts (left and right)
  4. 60 Hip Flicks (left and right)
  5. 40 Pelvic Tucks
  6. 40 Chest Lifts
  7. 20 Chest Rotations
  8. 20 Pelvic Rotations
  9. 60 seconds Egyptian Shimmy
  10. 120 seconds of Choo Choo Shimmy
  11. 30 Body Waves
  12. 20 Head Slides
  13. 40 Chest Slides
  14. Hagallah (sp?)
  15. 40 Chest Shimmies
  16. Walking on Toes practice

Stretch.  Hydrate.

Soon I'll start working on more arm movement techniques and more of that confusing Hagallah!  It's not kind to my dyslexic brain, which is probably just overthinking it.