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Workout Journal 18

Still here.  Still exercising.  I had a rough exhausting period, followed by a stomach thing, where I couldn't bend over with out anal leakage.  I didn't exercise as much as I would've liked.  Today, same thing.  I wanted to go to the park because it was 50F, but I guess I ate too much fiber last night or something, because I had the shits again.  Actually crapped myself bending over to get the baby. 

Gettin old is fun? 

However, our courtyard is kind of large with a sidewalk, so if I'm serious--and I didn't eat as well as I should've this holiday--I may start jogging around the courtyard.  I feel fat.  I don't look fatter, but ugh, I feel fatter.  Doesn't help that I've been eating gluten, which bloats me up like a dead raccoon.  My self discipline has been lagging as of late.  Stress.  I need to get smart and back on track and turn that stress into useful energy again.  Instead of stress eating.  Sugar. Gluten.  Carbs.  Bad shit that causes me to re…

Workout Journal 14

I was sick a lot last week.  Sick and tired, as my husband started working a second job, which means that mommy has more quality time with the kids, but this week, I have coffee!  
This weekend, I moved and built heavy furniture and kicked up a sweat, so I'm counting that as cardio and muscle building.  All day yesterday, I worked on some BD techniques, and other dancing--just having fun and shaking it.  Silly, goofy fun that's good for the heart, ya know?
But I'm feeling great this week!  Ready to get back to it!
Stretches.  Yoga. 10 Shoulder Rolls, forward and backwards20 Jumps20 Arm Circles, left and right20 Side Crunches Left20 Leg Lifts, left20 Crunches20 Hip Lifts20 Leg Lifts, right20 Side Crunches, right40 Pushups20 Side Lunges, left and right30 Calf Raises20 Squats20 Lunges, left and right
Belly Dancing: I worked on different steps and with transitioning from a left side hip flick to a right side hip flick.  I also worked more on the Choo Choo Shimmy, because I haven'…

Workout Journal 13

Yesterday, I stretched with a bit of yoga.  Towards the evening, I worked on tip-toe walking, posture, and some steps learned in one of those cardio bd vids.

Stretch. Focusing on my inner thighs, as I've been having problems with soreness, which I think has something to do with my chair. 

Bit of yoga.

20 each of:

Left side leg lifts (floor)Left side crunchesCrunchesHip Lifts (floor)Right side leg lifts (floor)Right side crunchesPushupsArm Circles (back and for)Jumping in placeSquatsCalf RaisesShoulder rolls
Stretch.  Hydrate.
Like usual, Belly Dancing techniques and drills throughout the day.

Workout Journal 12 & Yoga

So, in order to get more flexible and get better stretching, I think I'm going to try yoga again (I used to do P90X Yoga).  Only instead of following thinner people, try plus-sized yoga.  My largest area is my gut--I have a big ole stubborn gut, and trying to do some of the poses that thinner folks do just isn't my thing right now.

I already do some yoga to stretch out my back and help a little bit with my posture, but I want to do more.  I need that flexibility if I'm going to learn to dance better.  I'm also going to try some stretches for the inflexible, too.

Problem is that yoga is just sooooo sloow and boring, which is why I like P90X Yoga because it's fast paced, and I love that.  Maybe I'll go back to P90X, as we do still have the videos on this computer.  We'll see.  Yoga is more for stretching, and P90X Yoga is more about weightloss.

I figure that I'm learning how to dance, I might as well do dancer stretches, right?

If you're curious about the…

Workout Journal 11

Today is cardio day, and what do you know, I started my morning off with a jog!  My son forgot his backpack this morning, so I had to jog from the bus stop back home and back again.  Didn't break a sweat, nor was I out of breath.  It's funny because I haven't jogged in a while.  It felt great.  Maybe I'll break away to the park some time this weekend?

I just finished working out to one of Leilah Isaccs' videos, and plan on doing at least one more.  But the baby is up right now, so I had to stop.  But at least I finished the first video.

Belly Dance Sweat Workout / Full Body - Belly Dance Fitness Calorie Burn Extreme - Shimmy Challenge -

Workout Journal 10

Because I'm not very flexible, if I'm not able to get a workout in, I do try to stretch daily.  Get myself limber.


50 Squats20 Calf Raise Jumps60 Arm Circles (front and back)80 Side Crunches (left and right)60 Crunches30 Hip Lifts40 Leg Lifts, Floor (left and right)20 Push ups13 secs Plank

Belly Dancing: Random short things throughout the day.

Stretch.  Hydrate.

I think tomorrow I'm going to focus more on cardio.  I've been focusing a lot on muscle building and not enough on fat burning.