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Workout Journal 12 & Yoga

So, in order to get more flexible and get better stretching, I think I'm going to try yoga again (I used to do P90X Yoga).  Only instead of following thinner people, try plus-sized yoga.  My largest area is my gut--I have a big ole stubborn gut, and trying to do some of the poses that thinner folks do just isn't my thing right now.

I already do some yoga to stretch out my back and help a little bit with my posture, but I want to do more.  I need that flexibility if I'm going to learn to dance better.  I'm also going to try some stretches for the inflexible, too.

Problem is that yoga is just sooooo sloow and boring, which is why I like P90X Yoga because it's fast paced, and I love that.  Maybe I'll go back to P90X, as we do still have the videos on this computer.  We'll see.  Yoga is more for stretching, and P90X Yoga is more about weightloss.

I figure that I'm learning how to dance, I might as well do dancer stretches, right?

If you're curious about the videos that I learn from, here's my Youtube playlist, Arete.

I haven't worked out yet, as I've been really tired today.  But now that I've napped and the kids are in bed, I'm going to do some cardio once the husband goes to bed, and update this after.

I think it's time for me to put a workout plan together, with some days for yoga, muscle building, and cardio.  Oh, and this year when asked what I want for Yule, I'm going to ask for dumbbells.  Or a gift card so I can buy some other gear for my weightloss journey.


Workout Journal:
  1. Leilah Isaac - Belly Dance Home Workout / For Weight Loss -

I ran out of steam towards the end, so I just kept moving.  Working on other steps and hip rotations and doing the chest shimmy at the same time as the Egyptian shimmy, which is coordination, and I'm not the most coordinated right now!  I want to give this workout another try tomorrow, and really try to finish it.  This workout has the different steps and spins and arm movements, and it's just great.