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Workout Journal 14

I was sick a lot last week.  Sick and tired, as my husband started working a second job, which means that mommy has more quality time with the kids, but this week, I have coffee!  

This weekend, I moved and built heavy furniture and kicked up a sweat, so I'm counting that as cardio and muscle building.  All day yesterday, I worked on some BD techniques, and other dancing--just having fun and shaking it.  Silly, goofy fun that's good for the heart, ya know?
But I'm feeling great this week!  Ready to get back to it!

Stretches.  Yoga.
  1. 10 Shoulder Rolls, forward and backwards
  2. 20 Jumps
  3. 20 Arm Circles, left and right
  4. 20 Side Crunches Left
  5. 20 Leg Lifts, left
  6. 20 Crunches
  7. 20 Hip Lifts
  8. 20 Leg Lifts, right
  9. 20 Side Crunches, right
  10. 40 Pushups
  11. 20 Side Lunges, left and right
  12. 30 Calf Raises
  13. 20 Squats
  14. 20 Lunges, left and right

Belly Dancing:
I worked on different steps and with transitioning from a left side hip flick to a right side hip flick.  I also worked more on the Choo Choo Shimmy, because I haven't been doing them right, more like I've been shimming on my toes.  But now I feel like I have that part stable enough to do a proper Choo Choo!  Like usual, I'll be working on various moves all day long.  

Stretches.  Hydrate.