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Workout Journal 18

Still here.  Still exercising.  I had a rough exhausting period, followed by a stomach thing, where I couldn't bend over with out anal leakage.  I didn't exercise as much as I would've liked.  Today, same thing.  I wanted to go to the park because it was 50F, but I guess I ate too much fiber last night or something, because I had the shits again.  Actually crapped myself bending over to get the baby. 

Gettin old is fun? 

However, our courtyard is kind of large with a sidewalk, so if I'm serious--and I didn't eat as well as I should've this holiday--I may start jogging around the courtyard.  I feel fat.  I don't look fatter, but ugh, I feel fatter.  Doesn't help that I've been eating gluten, which bloats me up like a dead raccoon.  My self discipline has been lagging as of late.  Stress.  I need to get smart and back on track and turn that stress into useful energy again.  Instead of stress eating.  Sugar. Gluten.  Carbs.  Bad shit that causes me to regress and makes me feel terrible physically and mentally.  Tomorrow's a new day, where I'm getting back on my diet and workout routine, adding in the courtyard jog. 

Tonight, I did some of my usual workouts with a buttload of squats and some exercises that I haven't done in a while.  I also did some belly dancing drills and techniques.  Worked on my steps while holding the baby.  He enjoyed that.  Depending on my tummy, I may do some BD cardio, too.  Play some catch up.

Here's hoping that this stomach thing is over and done with tomorrow.  Yuck!