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Workout Journal 20: Dancing All Day!

Today was a day of me forgetting the new plan!  But I've been exercising a lot today, mostly working on dancing drills.  I also started messing around with my costume and did some hip work with my red coin belt.  It's too small to wrap it comfortably, but I did buy two red scarves from the Dollar Tree that a friend of mine is going to sew it all together and make it fatty friendly!  I can't wait.  I'm going to wear that belt every time I drill and workout and everything.

I also have a black and gold coin hip scarf, too, that I may alter.

Looking at another gift from my friend--who used to belly dance and gave me a red headpiece--a long black shimmery table cloth.  I wanted to turn it into a triangular hip scarf, but it's large enough to be a veil. 

I just finished working with it, with one of Leilah Isaac's videos.  I even started on turns and spins!  In which my middle son wanted to dance with me, with his blankie, so I had to stop the spins because there wasn…

Workout Journal 19

I just finished some fat burning with Leilah Isaacs.  This morning I focused on my abs and thighs, after a jog.  Got the sweat pouring!  Towards the end of the thigh workout, my legs were sore, but I didn't stop moving.  I practiced drills, new movements; then I did some squats, push ups, calf raises, arm circles, and finished off with some cool down yoga.

Whew, I forgot how stiff my body gets when I haven't been a  good girl!  I took some time off from belly dancing for ballet and mental health.  So no, I haven't been as good with drills throughout the day.  But I've learned my lesson.  This body needs that daily stuff!  Some of the things that I was getting good at, I almost have to start over--well it's probably not that bad.  I have been practicing little by little, although lately I've been watching more videos on traditional belly dancing, tribal fusion, urban fusion, bolly fusion, and other forms that I don't know the names of.  Trying out some of tho…


The other day, someone called me an inspiration in regards to a weightloss support group.  It was surprising.  When I write I hope to inspire some people--really to get their brain cogs moving and thinking and growing.  Sharing progress in a weightloss group, I wasn't expecting that compliment. 

I struggled for years with weight, like many do.  Then in 2016, after fainting twice, I decided to get serious about my health.  I started eating low carb and exercising.  It was slow and difficult at first, but I kept at it.  Remembering my goals and the whos.  Who I was doing this for.  Myself and my family.  I began to dedicate certain things to the Gods on days that I wasn't feeling it.  It was motivation having exercise be devotional work.  Exercising with Them on my mind. 

Over time, I began to work on my diet, slimming it down, avoiding foods that make me sick, learning that I have celiac disease.  Learning that I thankfully don't have diabetes!

When it was too cold to jog at t…

Finally Awakening the Dancer in Me, Regardless of Stereotypes

From zumba to belly dancing to ballet?  Yup, ballet!  I've added ballet to my Arete playlist.  I want to learn.  I always wanted to be one when I was little, but was always told that I was too fat. Now I'm fat and old, none of that bothers me. Ain't trying to become a professional.  Just want to have fun and do things that bring me joy and good health!

If had youtube when I was younger, shit, I might be a professional dancer now. Youtube is a fantastic resource for those who don't have money or support. Learn that stuff on your own! Surprised em.

I've also started jogging again, utilizing our courtyard.  It's smaller, but hey, no crazy traffic!

Also, my posture is awful.  It's like the harder I fight to correct it, the harder it fights me.  I have posture reminders up around my house, too.  I guess I just don't see them anymore.  I was thinking about seeing a chiropractor to see if they could help me get on the right path--something that works better for m…