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Finally Awakening the Dancer in Me, Regardless of Stereotypes

From zumba to belly dancing to ballet?  Yup, ballet!  I've added ballet to my Arete playlist.  I want to learn.  I always wanted to be one when I was little, but was always told that I was too fat. Now I'm fat and old, none of that bothers me. Ain't trying to become a professional.  Just want to have fun and do things that bring me joy and good health!

If had youtube when I was younger, shit, I might be a professional dancer now. Youtube is a fantastic resource for those who don't have money or support. Learn that stuff on your own! Surprised em.

I've also started jogging again, utilizing our courtyard.  It's smaller, but hey, no crazy traffic!

Also, my posture is awful.  It's like the harder I fight to correct it, the harder it fights me.  I have posture reminders up around my house, too.  I guess I just don't see them anymore.  I was thinking about seeing a chiropractor to see if they could help me get on the right path--something that works better for me.

I want to dancer, damn it, and do it correctly.  It's gonna happen.