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Workout Journal 19

I just finished some fat burning with Leilah Isaacs.  This morning I focused on my abs and thighs, after a jog.  Got the sweat pouring!  Towards the end of the thigh workout, my legs were sore, but I didn't stop moving.  I practiced drills, new movements; then I did some squats, push ups, calf raises, arm circles, and finished off with some cool down yoga.

Whew, I forgot how stiff my body gets when I haven't been a  good girl!  I took some time off from belly dancing for ballet and mental health.  So no, I haven't been as good with drills throughout the day.  But I've learned my lesson.  This body needs that daily stuff!  Some of the things that I was getting good at, I almost have to start over--well it's probably not that bad.  I have been practicing little by little, although lately I've been watching more videos on traditional belly dancing, tribal fusion, urban fusion, bolly fusion, and other forms that I don't know the names of.  Trying out some of those moves as I go about my day. 

I think I'm going to start something new.  Stretching in the morning, a jog, a quick workout, then techniques.  Now all or most of this depends on the kids.  Right now the baby's still sleeping, so of course I have grand plans.  But if I get get up before the kids do in the mornings, then I'll be able to at least warm up and stretch, maybe even get a jog in--but again, that depends on the weather.  I'll be working out the kinks as the days go.  What I was doing was working, but I want to go harder with my workouts, as I've fallen behind, and it was always my plan that once I had the baby and was healed that I'd push myself harder. 

I've also realized that I need to learn how to turn off that part of my brain that's more concerned with looking like fool and messing up.  That part that makes me self conscious and overthinks moves, ultimately causing me to mess up.  When that part is off, I can focus and actually do these movements properly!  Then the overthinking self conscience speaks up and I mess up.  It's very frustrating, but I'm sure many people experience it.  That voice that says, "No, you can't." 

Gotta shut that bitch up with a "watch me". 

I also hope to get some time in to practice with Danomoon's videos, because I really want to learn those turns and spins!  But I can't when the kids are awake, there's just not enough room for it.  That's another thing on my Dance To Do List this week: find time and space for turns and spins!