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Workout Journal 20: Dancing All Day!

Today was a day of me forgetting the new plan!  But I've been exercising a lot today, mostly working on dancing drills.  I also started messing around with my costume and did some hip work with my red coin belt.  It's too small to wrap it comfortably, but I did buy two red scarves from the Dollar Tree that a friend of mine is going to sew it all together and make it fatty friendly!  I can't wait.  I'm going to wear that belt every time I drill and workout and everything.

I also have a black and gold coin hip scarf, too, that I may alter.

Looking at another gift from my friend--who used to belly dance and gave me a red headpiece--a long black shimmery table cloth.  I wanted to turn it into a triangular hip scarf, but it's large enough to be a veil. 

I just finished working with it, with one of Leilah Isaac's videos.  I even started on turns and spins!  In which my middle son wanted to dance with me, with his blankie, so I had to stop the spins because there wasn't enough room, but it was still fun.

So far I have a red and silver costume for the Nymphs, and a black and gold costume for Medusa and the Dark Moon.  I hope to make a blue one for Poseidon and other colors for other Deities.  I see orange and white in the future...probably not together though, but for specific rituals.

The red and silver I may move for general, because I love this blog theme's color scheme and I'd love to put together a costume for the Nymphs with these colors.

(also the bottom picture looks like someone giving the bird...  I can't unsee it)