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Arete Shrine
Dedicated to the Healers
Dedicated to Being my Very Best Self
Healing of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Still doing my thing.  I've been focusing more on stretching and flexibility, and yes, even muscle building.  It's too cold for me to jog and the cardio workouts that I do have don't work as well as jogging in terms of fat burning.  However, I'm going to keep on building up that muscle and endurance so I can jog further come warm weather.

I've been stretching and doing yoga 4-6 times a week, and I've noticed a significant change in my body.  It's only been 30 days, give or take.  I'm way more flexible than I used to be.  It's great.  I don't pop like I used to.  I'm not as stiff.  Especially my back.  I have greater hope for improving my terrible posture that I used to.  It's a lot easier to work with polymer clay than a piece of wood, right?

Overall, I've been doing better with my diet, too.  Although I still have cheat foods in the house, but like gluten, slowly working those out, too.  Also this just happened:

When you're about to overindulge on your cheat food, and confess to Dionysus that you know it's bad, but you're an sugar addict and a masochist... and half of the carby/gluteny snack falls onto the floor. I could only laugh and give the half to His offering bowl. Still laughing about it. God's got my back...and stomach...and health. 😂

It's like He just flicked it, "Nope."

Things are looking up...despite that anxiety and depression are hanging around more this season, but I'm exercising and eating right-ish and taking my anxiety medication.  Doing things that bring me joy.  Meditating and visiting the Twilight and praying more often.  Eventually the cold will go away and I'll be sweating my fat off at the park.

I've already done yoga this morning, but I think--especially after eating that nutty buddy--that I'm going to do some belly dancing drills, too.  I haven't done any in a week.  I've been working on techniques daily-ish, I just haven't drilled myself.  I need to.  Maybe watch some instructors and challenge myself.  Try a dance maybe?


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