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Workout Journal 21

Nine days in and I'm doing pretty well with one of my 2019 Tries--stretching and yoga every morning.  Or most mornings anyway.  Gotta get limber!  Especially my right hip, it's so stiff and inflexible, whereas my left hip has always been the limber one. 

Last night, my usual 8th of the month rituals was interrupted when one of my Gods said, "TAROT!"  So I taroted.  Saw an image of Shiva and drew cards that kept repeating a need for a new relationship, build that relationship.  You'll reach your goals. 

This coincides with a dream that I had last week, where I sat in front of Shiva, knee to knee, and He joined His stomach with mine, indicating that He was feeding my will power.  An answer to my prayers, as I had feared of falling back to old habits and not reaching my exercise and dance goals.  So now Shiva is here to help me stay on track and use my will power for good, instead of laziness. 

Since I lack shrine space, I'm on the hunt for a picture of Shiva that I like, that I can print out and hang on my wall.  Perhaps over by my Dance and Healing shrines? 

For now, I've got to go get the baby, and get my mommy on.