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I went to the store today for a few things, such as vitamins, yarn, and a yoga mat.  Until I saw the price for one: $30-40!  Ridiculous! 

Instead, I bought a $13 10lbs. dumbbell.  And I'm very happy with my purchase, although I was able to price the mats and the blocks that I'd like to make my yoga experience easier.  But until then, I can finally have a proper arm day!

I do remember some strength workouts for your arms from high school, but I'm going to look at more, which I know that I can use for my other workouts, too. 

Soft knees when standing.
Core engaged.

Curls (already know)Goblet Squat with a crush gripPullover (already know)Thruster (might need two for that one--squat and stand and thrust the dumbbell's up)Bench Press (already know)Incline Bench Press (already know)Dumbbell Swing (I remember this one, only because one of the students in class accidentally released his and shattered a mirror.  I may not do this one...)Dumbbell Row (already know)Back Flies (might r…

Remembering to Thank Myself

I love plus size yoga--it proves that you can be bigger and still very flexible. I've been doing yoga consistently for a month and a half and although I still got a way to go, I'm a lot more flexible than I used to be, and I feel fantastic--very little aches these days. My body, organs, and chakras and all that definitely thank me. I thank myself for putting in the hard work. I also thank the guidance, inspiration, and support of my loved O/ones.

Loki's Visit

Loki visited me this morning, in the form of Tom Whats-his-name--a form that He usually chooses, in my case. I don't remember everything w/We talked about, but towards the end, w/We began to waltz around a tree house (which I wonder is the wooden house that Shiva and I met in a few visions ago?  I burned the original down and a new house grew).

I started getting self conscious about my weight--then began to wonder how I usually see myself in Their presence.  I don't know if I see myself slim, overweight, or what.  Normally, my physical self isn't my focus.

He smiled, and got flirty, and began to talk about body positivity. That even though I'm transitioning from unhealthy to healthy, to love each step, each me, along the way.  If I don't, then I'll lose focus, and see only failure, and thus fail.  Regardless of my mental hardships, I haven't given up yet.  I keep pushing.  Pushing for myself, my loved ones, and the Gods.  Each step is progress, even if it'…