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I went to the store today for a few things, such as vitamins, yarn, and a yoga mat.  Until I saw the price for one: $30-40!  Ridiculous! 

Instead, I bought a $13 10lbs. dumbbell.  And I'm very happy with my purchase, although I was able to price the mats and the blocks that I'd like to make my yoga experience easier.  But until then, I can finally have a proper arm day!

I do remember some strength workouts for your arms from high school, but I'm going to look at more, which I know that I can use for my other workouts, too. 

Soft knees when standing.
Core engaged.

  • Curls (already know)
  • Goblet Squat with a crush grip
  • Pullover (already know)
  • Thruster (might need two for that one--squat and stand and thrust the dumbbell's up)
  • Bench Press (already know)
  • Incline Bench Press (already know)
  • Dumbbell Swing (I remember this one, only because one of the students in class accidentally released his and shattered a mirror.  I may not do this one...)
  • Dumbbell Row (already know)
  • Back Flies (might require two...)
  • Overhead Press (already know)
  • Front to Side Raises 
  • Side Raises (already know)
  • Rotational Row
  • Hammer Curl Tricep Extension
  • Halos
  • Floor Press to Skull Crusher