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Loki's Visit

Loki visited me this morning, in the form of Tom Whats-his-name--a form that He usually chooses, in my case. I don't remember everything w/We talked about, but towards the end, w/We began to waltz around a tree house (which I wonder is the wooden house that Shiva and I met in a few visions ago?  I burned the original down and a new house grew).

I started getting self conscious about my weight--then began to wonder how I usually see myself in Their presence.  I don't know if I see myself slim, overweight, or what.  Normally, my physical self isn't my focus.

He smiled, and got flirty, and began to talk about body positivity. That even though I'm transitioning from unhealthy to healthy, to love each step, each me, along the way.  If I don't, then I'll lose focus, and see only failure, and thus fail.  Regardless of my mental hardships, I haven't given up yet.  I keep pushing.  Pushing for myself, my loved ones, and the Gods.  Each step is progress, even if it's a misstep.  A lesson.  Drive to do better.  Self love.

A work in progress.