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Yoga & Chakras

Yoga - Check
Arm & Core - Check
Belly Dancing - Check

While doing yoga this morning, I kept looking back at my Chakra Healing book, but I didn't want to break my routine to grab it.  Looking through it, I already do many of the poses that are good for your chakras (and overall health), but I'd like to do more.  Which unfortunately means either getting a mat or --gasp-- putting on shoes.  I hate wearing shoes for yoga.  But I wear shoes when working out outside... I'd like to do yoga outside, too, and due to a grass allergy, I'd have to wear shoes. 

Ah, shoes...

Although my ganglion cyst is apparently gone, so no shoe discomforts. 

I have gotten in the habit of doing yoga before healing sessions, for my chakras.  To open, balance, and "stretch" them.  Warm up, yoga, exercise.  I've found that the healing session are easier since I began this practice. 

Overall, it's been easier to open up my chakras, to be honest, yoga before or not.

Some of the poses are …

Pink Moon Energy

I've decided to use the energy of the Pink Moon to get back on track with my diet and exercise.  Things have gotten so lax and lazy and inconsistent.  Nah, not good.  Healthwise, not good.  Plus I'm renewing my handfasting vows October 2020, I gots to be able to fit into a dress and feel good in it. 

So while I've restarted jalking, I need to get back on being strict again.  None of this lazy BS.  Feeling tired?  Work out.  Get energy with movement, because exercise is weird like that. 

This week, I'm releasing that laziness and replacing it with my strict routine!

Also as high cholesterol runs in my family, I need to cut down on the grease--which I don't really indulge in because my stomach can't handle it--and fried foods.  We've gotten so bad with fast food this year. 

So starting today, back to it!

Yoga - Check!
Leg & Core - Check!

Physical and Sexual Health (AND Relationships)

After an attunement with Shiva, all March I was sick.  I think I worked out like 1-2 times a week.  These last 2-3 weeks, I barely did anything between PMS, too much face-to-face interactions, and actually being on a my period.  I was 4 days late before I actually started.

I seriously doubted if I was pregnant, because my husband performance has been less than thrilling.  He'd bring me to the edge of climax, then he'd cum and be done.  So yeah, I wasn't all that eager to have sex with him.  It did prompt him to schedule to get snipped, which he has his consultation for that today.

Although the other day he said something hurtful about me "not putting out" anymore.  I could've hurt him worse, but I didn't.  I could've said, "Hey maybe our next girlfriend won't know what an orgasm feels like, so when yall fuck and you get yours, she won't know the difference!"  But I didn't.

I showed restraint.

Oh, and she will know one, because I'…