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Pink Moon Energy

I've decided to use the energy of the Pink Moon to get back on track with my diet and exercise.  Things have gotten so lax and lazy and inconsistent.  Nah, not good.  Healthwise, not good.  Plus I'm renewing my handfasting vows October 2020, I gots to be able to fit into a dress and feel good in it. 

So while I've restarted jalking, I need to get back on being strict again.  None of this lazy BS.  Feeling tired?  Work out.  Get energy with movement, because exercise is weird like that. 

This week, I'm releasing that laziness and replacing it with my strict routine!

Also as high cholesterol runs in my family, I need to cut down on the grease--which I don't really indulge in because my stomach can't handle it--and fried foods.  We've gotten so bad with fast food this year. 

So starting today, back to it!

Yoga - Check!
Leg & Core - Check!