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Dramatic Mental Healing

As of this month, when everyone goes to bed, I strip down to either complete nudity or just topless.  For so long I haven't really been able to just be nude with myself.  For too long clothes have covered up everything.  Tight and restricting.  Reminding me of the fat.  Negative fat.  Painful and sweaty.  Hot and rashy.  Constricting.  Just for too long. 

Off with the clothes!  Let me see my skin and body again!  And you know what?  It's really been helping me.  Freeing. 

This evening, I'm just topless, and I can feel Minoan energy around me--I can feel the Minoan Snake Goddess and Ariadne in my home, flowing through me.  I know other cultures have topless women and goddesses, but this is specific Minoan energy. 

I did a bit of belly dancing, mostly just the shimmies and the stretches--back is still healing, you know, I can't go HAM yet.  Still working on my flexibility and back strengthening. 

For a while I was ashamed and embarrassed about my body, but back-to-back preg…